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mcQueen knightriders

Giving back to our community is what makes living in the Reno/Tahoe area worthwhile. The McQueen Knightriders are a local non-profit mountain bike team that needed a little help creating an eye-catching banner to celebrate their sponsors while at the same time meeting the needs of the banner's placement on the team's tent during races.

While logos were provided, all but 3 needed to be re-vectorized and exported in white to meet the client's request for white logos on a black background. Focus for the design was kept on the generous sponsors and their level of sponsorship for the team.

Adding a custom design of mountain bike rings and cassettes fills an otherwise "blank" space in the lower 1/3 of the banner. The client was thrilled to have a banner that looks great with or without a pile of bikes parked in front.


More butts on bikes! 


During races, bikes are stacked up against the banner, but the sponsors remain front and center, visible to anyone who passes by.

photo thanks to : Lizzie Dalton

With so many members, taking a team photo can be challenging, but I was able to snap this shot for the McQueen Knightriders website and social media content.


This photo appeared on thank-you notes sent to each sponsor.

Photographing the team's practice allowed me the opportunity to provide additional content photos for the Knightriders's endeavors.

View the images again! Click below.

McQueen Knightriders

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