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nevada westy co.

Brand recognition looks to not only sell a product or promote a company, but aims for the "coolness" factor as well. Why should your logo stop at business cards and letterheads? 

I'm a Volkswagen lover through and through and I didn't have to look far for inspiration when designing my Nevada Westy Co. logo. I wanted the logo to inspire love for this seemingly slow, brick-shaped vehicle while also celebrating our Silver State.


Nevada Westy Co.'s original logo challenge came from a screen printing class at TMCC where we were challenged to create a three-color design and produce a shirt from burning the screens to the final pull on our products.

Nevada Westy Co. business cards with the logo is set on a stark gray card for added contrast and "pop!"


And wouldn't you know it? I won GOLD in this past year's 2023 American Advertising Federation Awards, Student Submissions.



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